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The Surprising Lives of people who work here

Have you ever wondered about what people did before they started working at the fair? I had the honor of interviewing three different people and wanted to know where they came from, what type of work they have done in

Teen Things At The Fair

No one is ever too cool to enjoy a summer day at the fair! Working here this summer has shown me tons of amazing things the fair has to offer for all ages. As someone who connects with a younger

Debritto Apples at the Alameda County Fair

Our Marketing Team Shopped the Fair and Look at What They Found!

Who doesn’t love shopping at the Fair?! For all of us who work here, it’s definitely one of the things we look forward to every year. From fun clothes, jewelry & beauty products to crafts, spices, cookware and gadgets, the

Sky Ride at the Alameda County Fair

Check Out the Fair’s Brand New Sky Ride!

Ok, I have to say, as a long time staff member, one of the things I am most excited about this year is the new SKY RIDE!

We had heard that it was coming for about a year. But after

Staffers’ Guide to Fair Food Classics. How Many Have You Tried?

Some Fair foods are as iconic to the the Fair as blue ribbon and carnival rides.  The Alameda County Fair team chimes in on the Fair “classics” and share’s the best spots to grab one your favorites as well as

Family Fun Savings at the Alameda County Fair

Staff tips for navigating the Fair like a pro!

Yay! The 2018 Fair is almost here! But between admission tickets, parking, rides, food, drinks, concerts and shopping, we all know a day at the Fair can add up to big bucks, fast. But have no fear, with a little

Top 7 Money Saving Hacks for the Alameda County Fair

We talked to staffers, friends, and neighbors to get their views on the money saving hacks, because we want you to be able to the Fair like we do.  We know how to get the most out of the Fair

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