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Chen Tang does lettuce wraps

Jimmy Zhang carves fruit

Manny Garcia makes Tiramisu Gelato

Ryan Wilson cake decoration

John Burgess Burgers & BBQ

Cupcake Decorating


Jenn DeJanes, Jenn’s Cupcakes


In February 2014 Jenn’s baking hobby became a reality when Jenn’s Cupcakes and Parties became a licensed Cottage Food Operation in Alameda County. Jenn had never spent a day in culinary school, this skill that she was born with just had to be shared. So it began...

Just 3 years later Jenn’s Cupcakes now has a staff with a passion for creating, they work hard to make clients visions come to life! The business has expanded from just 10 cupcake recipes to a full-blown custom bakery with a flare on complete party planning including rentals and custom design. In 2016 their permit expanded to sell baked goods at local restaurants.

Jenn and her staff absolutely love all the fun custom orders that come pouring in every month. The hundreds of cupcakes and dozens of cakes that go out, run the gambit from corporate events and weddings to fully customized theme parties. They pride themselves in creating the perfect dessert for any occasion. Everything that comes out of the kitchen needs to be both beautiful and delicious!

Jenn’s Cupcakes is devoted to being active in their community through fundraisers for schools and non-profit organizations. You will see their goodies at many community events as well.

When it’s time for your children to book their next birthday party, call Jenn’s. Hands on teaching is their specialty. They invite you to share the fun and learn how to be creative while enjoying delicious treats. As they say it’s truly fun to be in the edible art business.

Jenn is incredibly grateful for all the local support she has received and a huge thank you goes out to all the clients who believed in her and have made this hobby a huge success. 100,000 cupcakes and counting!

To book your next custom event or cake visit our website

Pat Straub


My admiration for decorated cakes began at about 10yrs of age but I didn't take any decorating classes until the 80's. My first class showed me how to make a level cake with smooth frosting. I was hooked! There are so many techniques used in decorating that you never run out of things to learn so I am still learning. I will be demonstrating the use of the Russian tips. These particular tips allow you to pipe a complete flower with one squeeze of the decorating tube.


Sandy Burns


Sandy Burns is a charter member of the Contra Costa Cake and Sugar Art Society. Sandy started decorating cakes when her 5 children were very young. Having stopped most of her decorating when the children left home. She began again when she became a Contra Costa County Court Appointed Special Advocate. Having a child tell her that they have never had a birthday cake started her on a journey as the “Cake Lady”. It is important that a child in the system through no fault of their own should at least have a special cake for their birthday. The Cake club now makes birthday cakes for every foster child that is assigned a CASA.

Sandy will be demonstrating how to make a Train with candy bars and Rice Crispy bars, a fun sweet treat project for adults or children.


Chef Clyde Serda

Chef, Culinary Instructor, Author, Cookbook Critic, Food Product Developer, Food Judge for California State Fair, and Alameda, Marin and Contra Costa County Fairs. Artist who paint in acrylics and is a Antonin Carême Medal Holder, Currently Chef Instructor at Treasure Island Job Corps. Former Food Safety Chef for the San Francisco 49ers Levi Stadium and Candlestick, and Castro Valley Unified School District. He has instructed over 5,200 culinary students.

Chef Clyde is also the past President San Francisco Chefs Association and Past Restaurant Chairman for the American Heart Association of San Francisco. He has personally raised over $201,780.00 in auctioning himself for non-profit organizations. Author of “Just the Cook, Trials and Tribulations of a Catering Chef.”


Ryan Wilson

Ryan has been baking since he was in 2nd grade and is 100% self-taught, spending countless hours watching Youtube and the Food Network. As a seventh grader, Ryan progressed from baking cakes and cupcakes to making cream puffs, eclairs and french macarons. In January of 2016, Ryan was a contestant on the Food Network's Kids Baking Championship and in October 2016, Ryan was the $10,000 winner of Cooking Channel's "Sugar Showdown". Currently, in between school and homework, Ryan's been working on his Youtube channel called "Baking with Ryan" where he posts weekly "how to" videos.

Ryan's YouTube Channel


Jimmy Zhang


The art of fruit and vegetable carving has its roots in the age of the Chinese Tang Dynasty (AD 618-906) and Sung Dynasty (AD 960-1279). This exquisite craft has been slowly developed and refined over the years in China.

These beautiful garnishes and fruit carvings were not only created for the Kaiser’s feudal banquet but they were also popular among average people, who enjoyed beautiful artistic food presentations.

Located in the Bay Area since 1998, Art Chef Inc., has been actively promoting the intricate Chinese art of fruit and vegetable carving to the general public as well as to many professionals in the foodservice industry around the United States through its fruit and vegetable carving training programs, exquisite carving centerpieces for special events, and carving demonstrations, conducted by its founder, Chef Jimmy Zhang.

Over the years, Art Chef Inc. has graduated many chef students, whose culinary carving skills have won them numerous titles.

Chef Jimmy’s artistic talents and his reputation as a dedicated carving art teacher have drawn many people from faraway states and lands to the Bay Area to study the carving art under him.




Sweetart Creative Baking is a local cake shop near downtown Pleasanton offering custom cakes, cake pops, cookies and cupcakes for any occasion. We want to share creativity with others offering DIY parties for cake and cupcake decorating.


Burgess Brothers’ Burgers


Burgess Brothers' (BB) was founded by twin brothers Jonathan (Fire-Battalion Chief) and Matthew Burgess (Law Enforcement-Sergeant), in 2012. Both brothers were born and raised in Sacramento California and are still active in their public service professions. Jonathan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix, Matthew holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University California Davis. The Burgess Brothers are entrepreneurs, chefs, motivational speakers and brand ambassadors.

Jonathan and Matthew put their heads together to develop and market their signature BBQ Sauces and Homemade Cornbread Mix. Both products are simply too good to be kept a secret! You can find their signature Mild BBQ Sauce in most retail stores: Corti Brothers, Taylor’s Market, Oto’s Market, Save Marts, Raley’s, Bel Air, Nob Hill, Nugget select Sam’s Club locations, United States Military Commissaries, and Home Shopping Network. Their signature all purpose cornbread mix can only be found in a few specialty stores or online:

Additionally, the brothers have forged partnerships with local school districts to offer their signature food items in school lunch programs, while mentoring the future generation of public servants, entrepreneurs and business professionals. The Burgess Brothers are not only committed to providing quality food and service to consumers but are also committed to developing and mentoring students in the greater Sacramento area.

Please don’t keep us a secret like so many others have tried to do!

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Marla Erojo


Marla Erojo has been creating beautiful cakes and pastries since 1996. A graduate of the California Culinary Academy, she has worked at several top bakeries in the San Francisco bay Area. Cakes Made by M.E. has been in business since 2000.


Christina Padilla


Cookies offer a special kind of versatility and creativity to the world of baked goods.

I decorated my first cookie in 2012 and became immediately infatuated with the process and results. After I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Food Science, cookie decorating offered me a creative outlet in a field I love. Now, I design cookies almost every day and still have more ideas than I can create. With cookies, the possibilities are endless, and the results are magical.

My cookie journey began as a late-night hobby, a special something I gave to family and friends. Soon, however, word spread and friends of friends began contacting me with requests. I suddenly had a challenge I couldn’t wait to tackle—making cookies that would match each event in color, theme, and artistic style. I see cookies as the sweet finishing touch to a great event, much like a bow on a present or a sticker sealing a romantic letter. Each batch has the potential to leave a personal and indelible impression on each guest.

Though cookies are quite labor-intensive and require a multi-step production process, there is no step I don’t enjoy. Once one project is cleaned up, inspiration hits for my next batch, and the process continues!

I am permitted by the California Health Department, so you can be assured you are receiving the highest quality products. I take great joy in bringing smiles to people’s faces through detailed and intricate designs, and seeing their enjoyment of something I created. A sweet repeat customer once told me that every child at a birthday party can have his or her own beautiful and delicious cookie, rather than asking for a specific slice of cake with a balloon or a flower on it. It was then that I realized the power of a cookie to bring delight to each and every recipient. I love being part of that process!

Manny Garcia, Sur la Table Resident Chef


Olivier Said & Lisa Michelle Miller, Kitchen on Fire


Chef Olive Said (Owner and Head Chef)

The former co-owner and bar manager of Berkeley’s acclaimed Cesar Tapas Bar, Said is one of the Bay Area’s respected culinary personalities. Born and raised in France, he is the descendant of at least five gernerations of restauranteurs dating back to the early 1750’s in France. Said began his career at the age of 15 in his mother’s Paris restaurant. He moved to Los Angeles in the early 1980’s and worked at Ken Frank’s La Toque, one of the first restaurants in the country to feature California nouvelle cuisine. In 1987, Said returned to Paris and opened his own restaurant, the very popular Texas Coyote, which included three sprawling bars and a night club. It had frequent reviews in the press such as Gault Millau, Vogue, Le Point, Le Nouvel Observateur, Le Monde, Paris Capital magazine, Liberation and Marie Claire. Oliver Said was a regular guest host on the number two national radio station in France, Skyrock, live from his restaurant.

Lisa Michelle Miller (Owner and Nutrition Consultant)

Lisa Michelle Miller is a Nutrition Consultant and is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals ( She graduated with honors and earned a certification in Nutrition Consulting from the state licensed Bauman College, College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in Berkeley, California.

In addition to her private nutrition practice in the San Francisco East Bay, Lisa is the Nutrition Program Director and an instructor of nutrition and cooking classes at Kitchen on Fire cooking school in Berkeley. Lisa also teaches her nutrition discussion series at a wellness center and other locations in the area, as well as on-line to small groups utilizing Skype.

Lisa has a Bachelor of Science degree, with experience in the health care, agriculture and consumer products industries and years of training and personnel development experience.

Linda Wyner, Pans on Fire


Chen Tang, Canton Village and Viet Noms


Chen Tang grew up with a love for food. He started cooking at his parents' restaurant at age 16, and went to culinary school in 2007 for formal training. After cooking at various fine dining restaurants in the Bay Area, he is back to lead the kitchens at Canton Village, and their newest venture, Viet Noms.