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“The Last Ride” From The Person Who Made It Happen!


The “Last Ride” Cattle drive was so special for many reasons.  It gave me an opportunity to meet several leaders of the community, riders and steer owners, KAT Country radio station DJ’s, a Rowell Ranch Rodeo Queen and even a Posse.


I describe this event as a giant puzzle with many different pieces and moving parts.  So many organizations and people helped put this Cattle drive together.  Even the downtown businesses supported the event just distributing tickets graciously organized by the Pleasanton Downtown Association.  The Museum on Main entertained kids with informative color books and games.  Historical pictures were posted just highlighting our rich history with old pictures of Cattle and ranch workers.


The entire Alameda County Fair Family had a hand in making it a great success. The Marketing team, Human Resources, Parking & Maintenance and even Accounting all did their part.  Not to mention the 4H Group, Nate Janousek, Cattlewoman’s Association and Tony Machianno and his group cooking and donating all of the meals they made for us at Cattle Camp.

It’s hard to believe I was trusted with coordinating this incredible event.  If it weren’t for Veronica Knowlton and her detailed binder and operations manual she so carefully mapped out, I doubt it would have looked so seamless.  I appreciate the little necessities like pooper scoopers and the workers that distributed trash cans.


The ones that had the most control over the day were the riders and the dogs that the kept the cattle contained.  It was a site to see the tractors, wagons, trucks, jugglers and most importantly the crowd.


I will remember this event fondly and appreciative of all who were involved.  Wrapping it up was Jerome Hoban our CEO and gift giver.  The commemorative blankets and custom photographed collage for each individual rider is a thoughtful tribute for their recognition.  Thank you everyone for making the “Last Ride” an incredible initiation as the newest member of the Alameda County Fair Family.