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Fair Food & Physical Distancing
fair food


Socially distanced events seem to be the new normal for the coming months. The Alameda County Fairgrounds decided to take these strange times and turn them into opportunity – Food Trucks and Concession Stands featuring classic Fair food favorites! fair food


For several years I lived in a town that hosted a Food Truck Festival and loved walking among the trucks each night and deciding what sounded best, it was always one of my favorite summer memories. Needless to say, I was quite excited to learn we were bringing Food Trucks to the Fairgrounds.

While we do not get to celebrate summer with the annual Alameda County Fair this year, we can celebrate another one of my favorite summer traditions with Food Trucks. Seeing families, friends and kids shop and enjoy the food trucks make me happy to know that summer memories can still be made regardless of what we are dealing with outside that Food Truck lot.

The Food Trucks and Concession Stands at the Fairgrounds truly are Fair favorites and embrace the variety of foods that we have each year at the Fair. From Jumbo Corn dogs to Ribs to Funnel Cakes with extra whipped cream, there is something for everyone.

The addition of our lawn area being open for picnicking has made us so excited to be a place for social bubbles to gather safely and have their Fair food too. Friendly staff cleans tables and shared areas once a family leaves and ensures the safety and fun for everyone! We may not be able to hold music festivals on the lawn quite yet, but a Fair Food picnic is our silver lining this year. And I must say, I can’t complain!