July 4th

2020 Information coming soon

Food & Picnic FAQ’s

  • May guests bring a picnic on July 4th?

    Yes, guests may bring a prepared picnic on July 4th. Picnic items such as sandwiches, salads and other pre-prepared or packaged foods are permissible any day of the Fair as long as the new guidelines & restrictions are followed. All food items brought into the Fairgrounds must be contained inside personal insulation bags or similar. See specifications below.

  • Are guests allowed to grill or barbecue?

    Onsite cooking with personal equipment of any kind is NOT permitted anywhere on the grounds. Items such as barbecues, grills, portable camp stoves, propane tanks, charcoal, flammable liquids, knives, metal utensils, etc., are prohibited.

  • Can picnic areas be reserved?

    As of 2018, the Fair will not issue reservations for private picnic areas. These areas will also NOT be accessible to the public during the Fair. Picnics will be permitted only in the Fair’s open, common areas and must be in compliance with new specifications. No early entry will be offered.

  • What picnic items are permissible for guests to bring?

    Permissible picnic items (per person):

    • Pre-prepared or packaged food items
    • 1 soft-sided cooler/insulated bag (16”x16”x8” or smaller)
    • 1 backpack or backpack-sized tote
    • 1 Diaper bag
    • 1 folding chair
    • 1 blanket
  • What types of picnic items are not permitted?

    The following items are NOT permitted on Fairgrounds’ property:

    • Cooking equipment of any kind
    • Loose food or food contained in large, catering-style pans, trays, bowls, etc.
    • Hard shell coolers/ice chests (plastic, metal, etc.)
    • Charcoal or flammable liquids
    • Tents
    • Tables
    • Large shade umbrellas (small umbrellas/parasols are fine)
    • Knives, metal utensils, or any item that could be considered or used as weapon.
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Cans or glass containers

    NOTE: All backpacks, bags, coolers & containers are subject to inspection upon entry.

  • May guests barbecue on other days?

    Personal grills and barbecues are not permitted at the Fairgrounds on any day.

  • Is grilling/tailgating permissible in the parking lot?

    Tailgating is prohibited on Fairgrounds property.

  • Will guests be allowed in early to choose a picnic spot?

    Gates open at 11:00 AM as usual and no early entry will be offered.

Hours FAQ’s

  • What are Fair hours on July 4th?

    The Fair will be open 11:00am to 8:00pm on July 4th.

    Admission gates will be open from 11:00am to 4:00pm. Admission before 11:00am or after 4:00am is not permitted.  Parking lot entrances will close at approximately 4:00pm.  No re-entry with hand stamps will be honored after 4:00pm.

  • Will pre-purchased ticket buyers be allowed in after 4:00pm?

    Admission gates close at 4:00pm and no one will be permitted to enter after that time, including those who pre-purchased their tickets. All visitors must be at the gate by that time. The Fair closes at 8:00pm on July 4th.

  • When will the admission line be cut off if the gate closes at 4:00pm?

    All visitors in the admission line by 4:00pm will be admitted. The line cutoff will be implemented at that time.

  • What time will parking lot entrances close?

    Parking lots will close before 3PM. Visitors should plan on arriving by 2:30PM.

  • Will police direct traffic out of the parking lots and surrounding areas when the Fair closes at 8PM?

    Yes, there will be a traffic plan implemented for July 4th with officials on hand to direct flow as needed. We do, however, expect that many visitors will leave before 6pm in order get to other destinations that night.

Fireworks Show FAQ’s

  • Will there be a Fireworks Spectacular show on July 4th?

    Since the Fair closes before dark on July 4th, there will be no Fireworks at the Concert Lawn and there will be no Fireworks Spectacular show on July 4th.

  • Will there be fireworks on any other night?

    Yes, the Fair will offer “Born Free,” a special video & fireworks presentation, every night following the Big O Tires Concert Series show at the amphitheater.

Age Restriction FAQ’s

Those under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult guardian 21 years and older.

For those under 18 years of age:

  • Does an adult need to be with the minor at the ticket booth to purchase tickets?



  • Does an adult need to go through the metal detector with a minor?


  • If an adult is already inside, does he/she need to exit the Fairgrounds and re-enter with a minor?


  • Does an adult need to escort a minor around the grounds for the entire visit?

    No, but the adult is responsible for the minor.