Special Savings for your Employees!

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We are offering savings to your employees and their families again this year. Opt-in to this email and receive discounts on admission tickets, parking and wristbands through July 7, 2019.

Special savings for you, your employees and their families include:

• Wristbands $28 (reg. $30/$35)
• Admission $10 (reg. $15)
• Parking $8 (reg. $10)

These savings are extended through the end of Fair for you and your family.

To participate
Click the “Opt-In” button below. Your Opt-In e-mail address must be your company e-mail. Do not use personal e-mail address accounts (ex: gmail, hotmail, yahoo) to sign-up.

You will then be sent a code to share with your team to SAVE online. Prices valid until July 7, 2019!


Prices and program subject to change.

Requests will be filled on April 5, 2019. After April 5, please allow 72 hours to process your request.