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Get the whole family on board with hands-on, educational fun every Friday through Sunday at Alameda County Fair’s STEAM-themed Weekends! Kids will have a blast learning while they play:

June 16-18

Health & Fitness

  • Staying healthy is fun! Kids enjoy interactive activities promoting health and fitness including a “Dad & Me” obstacle course challenge on Sunday.

June 23


In partnership with Play-Well Teknologies, LEGO Day is a full day of fun and challenges for block building enthusiasts. Highlights include Model Building and Mechanism Building contests (pre-register online.)


  • Tower building challenge
  • Build & tell (build a scene & tell a story about it)
  • Free play & build

June 24-25

Engineering & Electronics

 Explore the exciting world of robotics, engineering, electronics & space:
  • Robot demonstrations & play
  • NASA-inspired art & science activities
  • Gears & circuits building
  • Cell phone photo contest (pre-register online)
  • Robot garden challenge (navigate your robot through a garden!)

June 30-July 2

Agriculture & Environment

 Discover the wild world around you: food, plants, weather, water and wind!
  • Includes a variety of fun activities inspired by NASA, USDA and Seed Your Future

July 7-9

Art & Energy

 Science becomes art: Wind, Water & Solar as Pattern, Form & Texture
  • Create beautiful art using different energy sources
  • Experiments and activities with alternative energy
  • Get inspired by NASA images of Earth from space