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All Alaskan Racing Pigs

The Famous All-Alaskan Racing Pigs are a team of the fastest and funniest athletes to serve up entertainment anywhere! Flat-track racing and hurdling are their specialties, but a good gag is always on the menu. Sourdough Jack and Soapy Smith have been cooking up fun since their first races in Fairbanks, Alaska.

All Alaskan Racing Pigs at the Alameda County Fair

Bug Ology 1-0-Fun: The Good, The Bad & The Yummy

An immersive, interactive walk through exhibit that steps you right into the classroom with lessons in Bug Ology 1-0-Fun.


Presented by:

Stella Artois

Hypnotist Tina Marie

“I love making people laugh and seeing them have a great time. It is my passion to help people realize their potential and help elevate them to bring out the best of themselves.” You will have a great time at the nightly hypnosis shows whether you watch your friends or join in the fun yourself.

Hynotist Tina Marie

Professor Smart’s Science Show

Professor Smart’s Science Show has been performed for hundreds of thousands of people all over the country. “That was fun!” are the words most heard after his shows.  Trained as a juggler and comedian, Todd Victor brings science to life with story telling and cool demonstrations. Accurate and funny, he uses many volunteers.  Get ready to laugh and learn. Watch out, because things will be flying! You can catch Professor Smart’s Comedy Science Shows daily on the Family Fun Stage, look for the Blue and Yellow Tents.

Professor Smart's Science Show

Tadpole The Clown

Tadpole is a professional clown, magician, and entertainer who engages in daily adventures while exploring the Fairgrounds, saying hello to old friends and making new friends along the way with his colorful outfits and good humor.

Roberto The Magnificent

Captivating audiences for more than two decades, Robert Stuverud (a.k.a. Roberto the Magnificent) is recognized as one of the nation’s most unique variety acts performing throughout the USA. Robert learned to juggle and unicycle at age 11, within four years he was awarded a silver medal at the World Juggling Championships. Since then Robert has accumulated more than two decades of experience performing for live audiences.

Roberto the Magnificent

Fables of the West

fables of the west

Terry Hanck

Blues and soul music fans know that the soundtrack to early rock’ n’ roll ran on three-minute instrumentals with sax in the lead, and was directly related to 1950s and 1960s New Orleans R&B hits, along with that deep-fried wildness that came from Memphis.

FMX Freestyle Motocross

KSFMX freestyle motocross team will be performing high energy, heart pounding, death defying tricks like the “Kiss of Death” and the “Cliffhanger” along with all kinds of backflip variations 35′ in the air over a 75′ gap.

FMX Motocross

Imperial Knights Extreme Medieval Stunt Show

An exciting show with games on horseback, jousting, horseback sword fighting and top of the line hand to hand combat with a variety of medieval weapons.