STEAM at the Alameda County Fair

Activities At The Fair

Alameda County Fair is committed to promoting STEAM activities and supporting summer learning opportunities for youth. We strive to stimulate youth interest through interactive engaging educational enrichment activities and showcase the fair as a summer learning laboratory.

STEAM Weekend Themes

June 14-16
Celebrate Creativity
I Spy Creativity!

Design, explore and invent with our toys, robots, and 3D printers with hands on activities in art, science, poetry and much more. Imagination required! Fun daily challenges and contests.

June 21-23
Agriculture and

The wonderful world of growing things. Plants, animals and the technology used to make them grow. These are just a few of the areas to be explored. We’ll use many activities adapted from the USDA and Seed Your Future like a living necklace.

June 28-30
Engineering, Electronics, Robots

Explore the exciting world of engineering, robotics, and electronics. This weekend will be jam packed with robot demonstrations and opportunities for robot play as well as art and science activities adapted from NASA curriculum. We will also be using science kits, LEGOs and other toys to test engineering designs; create simple machines, gears, and circuits; and just have fun!

June 29
LEGO Festival

Drop in LEGO activities all day long. Free build, construction challenges, new ways to use your LEGO bricks. Pre-register for the LEGO Model Building contest where you design your own project at home and reassemble it at the fair. This day is done in partnership with Play-Well Teknologies.

June 30
Robot Day

Play with Mindstorm and VEX robots. Try a robot obstacle course. Meet people who design and build their own robots and try out their latest inventions. This day is done in partnership with Robot Garden and Aviation Explorer Post 997.


July 5-7
Environment and Space

Discover more about how we live on our planet and the solar system surrounding us. Weather, water, pollution – rockets, moons and stars – the power of the sun. We’ll use many activities adapted from NASA.

STEAM events at the Alameda County Fair

Places for STEAM Learning

Creative Corner (Tent in AgVenture) Open Every day

Purpose – Promote creativity, exploration and discovery with hands on unstructured activities in a variety of mediums.

Our Creative Corner is a makerspace educational lab for self-directed discovery. It has multiple materials that promote asking how and why, as well as modern technology and items to invent with. Play with LEGO’s, tinker toys, K’Nex, 3D printers, and much more.

The Power Station (Tent in AgVenture) Open Every day

Purpose – The Power Station is a free educational exhibit designed for fairgoers to learn about electricity and certain types of alternative energy while enjoying a hands-on experience.

The Alameda County Fair has an ongoing commitment to continued education for kids during the summer months and prides itself as California’s largest classroom.

Sponsored by

East Bay Community Energy

STEAM Activities (Pop-Up near tent in AgVenture) Open Every Day and
Building C STEAM Corner Activities Open Every Day

Purpose – offer a variety of interactive experiences using multiple methods of delivery and promoting the educational theme of “PLAY WITH A PURPOSE”

Hands on activities exploring multiple STEAM ideas every day – Art, weather, energy, engineering, electronics, space, light, and more – different activities every day!