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Shhhhhhh It’s A Secret!



Most of us come to the fair for our yearly visit and stay for the day. Some may even enjoy several days of our 18-day fair. As an employee, I am here the entire run from early in the morning to well into the evening. What is the most popular reason to fair? THE FOOD! The funnel cakes, corn dogs, BBQ and deep fried treats are the best in the biz! As much as I wish, I could eat a funnel cake every morning for breakfast, a couple corn dogs for lunch and maybe a banana split for dinner…my pants have recommended otherwise. Many may suggest I leave the fair to go get my lunch somewhere else. While that is an excellent idea, I tried that once many years ago. My timing was impeccable and I chose a day when every parking lot was full when I tried to get back into the office. Never again, I said! With long hours and little time to cook, bringing my lunch is not consistent. My “hanger” is a real and eating is usually top priority.


I personally follow a low sugar way of eating. This requires me to get creative every day. I have been in charge of our fair time food for 5 years so luckily the concessionaires know that I am a little…um…weird…with my requests. I asked our pizza vendor last year to make me a crust less pizza…to which he replied, “You want just melted cheese and pepperoni?” Yes, a meat-za! From corn dogs minus the batter (also called a naked weenie) to the brisket potato minus the potato (this one you may to have to repeat a couple times)…I have found low sugar and secret items throughout the fairgrounds! I can snack on jicama and cucumber from our fruit stand (do not forget the lemon and tajin!) and even get a dessert of fresh whip cream on top of strawberries. Pony Expresso, our coffee vendor located at Green Gate, started a low sugar way of eating last year and now offers bulletproof coffee (coconut oil, coffee and heavy cream) as well as carrying stevia as an alternative sweetener option. Things as simple as asking for BBQ sauce to be on the side can take a cheat meal and make it a daily staple. Even our new teriyaki rice bowl vendor now knows my unique requests and has a meat and veggie only bowl for those of us who don’t want rice!


There are other more robust (and not low carb) options that are available but not always on the menu. Pepe Mariscos near our Amphitheater has one of the largest! From a chili relleno burrito (it is hands down the best burrito I’ve had) or torta, gringa tacos, fried fish tacos, Scotts nachos to an amazing crab cocktail. ANYONE can eat at the fair with just a little insider information and some selective choices. I cannot wait to be in line behind you when you ask for the brisket potato minus the potato, hehe.