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Carnival Ride

The summer Fair returns with a Kids’ Carnival area and the Carnival Midway full of rides and games.

Starting June 17, carnival wristbands may only be purchased on site at a Butler Kiosk in either Carnival area. Butler kiosks take both credit card and cash. All day passes and individual ticket purchase all print as wristbands now.

All Day Carnival Wristband

During Fair all wristbands must be purchased directly from Butler on the Fairgrounds. 

Sky Ride Wristband

Just want the Unlimited Sky Ride wristband, purchase at the Sky Ride Ticket Box while on the Fairgrounds.

The Countdown Is On!

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2022 Carnival Ride List


Giant Wheel
Century Wheel
Zillerator Coaster
White Water log flume
Wave Swinger
Mega Flip
Super Shot Drop Tower
Sleigh Ride
Hawaiian Express
Ring of Fire
Alien Invasion
1001 Nachts
Giant Scooters
Dino Tour Funhouse
Tilt A Whirl
Zombie Carnival
Drone Training
State Fair Slide
Mardi Gras
Grand Carousel


1st Squadron
Chopper Hopper
Crown Merry Go Round
Dizzy Dragon
Crown Merry Go Round
Chopper Hopper
Jumping Jumbos
Jumpin’ Jungle
Dragon Wagon
Dizzy Dragons
Looney Tooter Train
Pirate Jet
Pirates of the Midway funhouse
Quad Runner
Rockin’ Tug
Tilt A Whirl
Tom Kangaroo
Jet Ski (umbrella)
Roadsters (umbrella)
Wacky Worm Coaster
Wet Boat Ride
Dreamland Funhouse

2022 Carnival Ride Descriptions

Ride Description
Ride Description
Ride Description
Ride Description
Ride Description
Ride Description
Ride Description
Ride Description