Guest Services

Disabled Guest Parking

Disabled guest parking is available in all Fairgrounds parking lots. Fees are the same as regular parking:

General – $10

VIP – $20

Prices subject to change.

Equipment Rentals

The Fair offers mobility equipment rentals for small children and guests with disabilities on a first-come, first-served basis until 10PM. Stations are located at the Green, Yellow and Red Gate entrances and offer the following:

  • Fun Rider strollers – $10.00
  • Jogger strollers – $15.00
  • Double strollers – $20.00
  • Wagons – $20.00
  • Wheelchairs – $20.00
  • Electric scooters – $50.00

All rentals are for the full day (no hourly or “partial day” rates) and all rentals require a valid ID as a deposit.

Prices subject to change.

Concert Access

The Amphitheater offers wheelchair and scooter access seating areas. All concert seats are reserved, including ADA, so please purchase tickets in advance through the Fair’s website.

Horse Racing and Grandstand Access

Wheelchair access ramps are available on both sides of the Grandstand building. Guests using a wheelchair or scooter may enjoy shaded viewing areas on the ground level or access the second level seating areas by elevator.

General Information

Information booths are located near all three entrance gates in the Green, Red and Yellow Zones, plus one just outside the amphitheater.

Grounds Maps

In addition to the regular map and Daily Schedule, 11” x 17” grounds maps with larger print for easier readability are available at all information booths and the Guest Services trailer.

Lost and Found

The Fair’s main Lost and Found center is located at the Guest Services trailer. There are also Lost and Found service trailers located in both carnival areas (Midway and Kids Park).

Nursing Areas

Mothers are welcome to feed their babies any place they choose, but the Fair does offer a designated location that allows for comfort and privacy: the nursing room located in the Guest Services trailer (Red Zone).

First Aid

The First Aid station is located directly across from the Guest Services trailer in the Red Zone area.

Water Filling Stations

The Fairgrounds has installed two new canteen filling stations – one next to the gazebo near the livestock pavilion and the other near the administration building on the opposite side of the property. Guests can fill their cups and water bottles with clean, filtered water anytime, free of charge.

Guest Services Trailer

Located near the Livestock Pavilion in the Red Zone, the Guest Services trailer houses the main Lost and Found, a baby nursing room, lost child help, oversized maps and more.