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Competitive Exhibits

Enjoy Competitor Exhibits

June 16 – July 9, 2023

Enjoy seeing all the competitive submissions. The art, photographer, collections, woodworking, wine, digital art and more will be on display:

Building R – Inside our Schools (entries made by students)

Building P – Little Critters (small animals)

Building Q – Blooms, Vines & Wines (gardens, wine and brew)

Building O – Collectibles & Keepsakes

Building C – Made By Hand (baked & preserved foods, quilts, knitting, table settings, crafts, adult & youth entries)

The Courtyard – Fine Arts Through the Artists Eyes (adult fine arts, photography and poetry)

Maker’s Market Alleyway – American Farm Tractor Museum (history of the tractor and farming)

Stella Artois Grandstand – Horse Racing Museum (more information coming soon)

Maker’s Market Alleyway – The Train Museum (large scale display of small trains)