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Competitive Exhibits Program are not Dinosaurs


Competitive exhibits programs, such as county Fairs, state Fairs, and agricultural shows, have been around for centuries and continue to thrive in many parts of the world. These programs are not dinosaurs because they continue to serve several important purposes in modern society.

Firstly, competitive exhibits programs provide opportunities for people to showcase their talents and skills, whether it be in the areas of agriculture, crafts, cooking, or other areas. These programs help to promote and preserve traditional arts and crafts, and provide a platform for people to share their knowledge and expertise with others.

Secondly, competitive exhibits programs are an important way to celebrate local and regional culture and traditions. They often feature unique and distinctive local products, food, and music that reflect the history and culture of a particular region.

Thirdly, competitive exhibits programs can help to promote innovation and new technologies in agriculture and other industries. For example, many Fairs and agricultural shows feature demonstrations of new farming equipment and techniques, and showcase the latest developments in agricultural research and technology.

Finally, competitive exhibits programs also provide economic benefits to local communities by attracting visitors and generating revenue for local businesses. They help to promote tourism, and provide opportunities for local entrepreneurs to sell their products and services.

Overall, competitive exhibits programs have evolved over time to remain relevant and meaningful to modern society, and continue to play an important role in promoting culture, innovation, and economic growth.

The Alameda County Fair continues to offer programs for all crafts, fine arts, creative writing, photography, gardening, and more. All contestants receive one free Fair admission just for entering. To find out how to compete, visit

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