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Fields of Gratitude

Koopmann Family Beef


The Koopmann Family originally emigrated from Germany in 1867, landing in the Half Moon Bay area (Northern California coast) in what is now the San Francisco Bay Area. The Koopmann Family purchased property and homesteaded in the hills west of Dublin, California in 1889. In 1918, the family sold the property in Dublin and purchased approximately 900 acres in the hills between Pleasanton and Sunol for the steep price of $35 per acre. 

The Koopmann Family ran beef cattle, milked Holstein cows, dryland farmed hay, and farmed walnuts. In 1963 the State of California acquired a portion of the Koopmann Ranch to construct Highway-680. Development of the highway unfortunately displaced the original family homestead, barns, and corrals as well as the majority of the farm ground. The Koopmann family continued to run beef cattle and farm walnuts on the Ranch until the early 1990’s when the walnut orchard became infected with ‘blackline’ disease and was removed. Tim and Melinda Koopmann (parents of Clayton) continue to run a commercial beef cattle operation on the Ranch primarily composed of Red Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn cross cattle. Clayton, Natalie and Chance along with Clayton’s sister and her family continue work together to manage the Ranch and continually work to improve infrastructure to enhance the ecological benefits of our grazing practices.